Weekend Escape: Cane River and its glorious waterfall

January 25, 2019

Streaks of sunlight dance on your skin as you approach a low-rising riverbed. The sonance of chirping birds and calm, soothing waters fills the crisp air, and time seems to stand still. Inhale. You are at Cane River Falls in Bull Bay, St Andrew.

On entering the premises, one could not guess the awesome wonder the quiet community possesses. Getting to the river, once you arrive at the entrance to the property, is a seven-minute adventure on its own. A cool cave awaited us, and the sound of flowing water could be heard as cool breeze ushered us along. Layers of steep, tedious staircases followed, and it was almost like being transported to a medieval jungle or animal kingdom (minus the animals). After many careful steps and twists and turns, there it was, Cane River and its glorious waterfall.

Models were busy preparing for a photoshoot as we headed over to the plunge pool by the waterfall, which oozed clear, cold water. Ashley-Gaye Bridgemohan and her three friends were among several visitors basking in the delight of this little piece of heaven off the main road. Also present was Gavin Lumsden, a British national, who decided to celebrate his birthday by taking a dip in the water’s splendour.

“I’m actually on my way to St Ann for Rebel Salute, but my family is from St Thomas, so I decided to stop by all the rivers en route to the festival,” Lumsden toldTHEWEEKEND STAR when we visited last week.

“I came here by default as I was actually looking for Reggae Falls, but I really prefer Cane River – it’s more natural and way better.”

The only disappointment was the noticeably low water levels due to scarce rainfall.

Marlon Flue, community resident and maintenance worker at the attraction, said the current is also low as residents use the river’s water supply for domestic purposes. He, however, uses the river for another purpose.

“I have a spiritual connection here. I come here to read my Bible and pray and hold a meditation sometimes,” Flue said. “There’s no disturbance, there’s no violence in the area, and you can relax to the sounds of the water.”









Admission fee of $200 for adults and $100 for children; swimwear, towel, change of clothing, food.



Plunge pool with glorious waterfall, cool caves.



Low water current in river.



Cane River is located less than thirty minutes from downtown Kingston. After approximately 15 minutes of driving from the Michael Manley Highway, you will get to Bull Bay. The road that leads to Cane River is opposite the Nine Miles Police Station. Once you turn on to that road, all you have to do is follow the signs. You can’t miss it.

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