Soupie still working his magic pot

March 13, 2019
Leroy Reid, aka ‘Soupie’, has been selling soup for more than 30 years in Clarendon.
Soupie prepares a cup of his tasty soup.

The building behind Leroy Reid used to be the go-to spot for patties and snacks for people in the Race Course community in Clarendon.

Now, the building is in ruins and the roof is no more, yet Reid, who is known as ‘Soupie’, is still there doing what he enjoys-making delicious soup.

Even though the shop is no longer buzzing with activity, Reid still gets customers from near and far.

Soupie has been selling soup for more than 30 years and even though it was not his first job, it is the one that has brought him joy.

The 55-year-old told CENTRAL STAR that he used to work at Monymusk, on a truck, back in the day. He said that after some years, he asked for a raise of pay; however, his request was rejected.

“Mi used to work and then it didn’t work out. Mi decide to start this and the first come mi come yah so, mi mek more than what I used to work there, so mi just no go back,” he said.

One resident, who was seen buying soup, told CENTRAL STAR that she knows him from her school days and he is still the soup man in the Race Course area.

“A Race Course Primary and Basic School mi go, and from dem time deh him deh yah. Mi a 20-odd yah now and him still deh yah. It come een like him caa spoil soup, because no day the soup taste bad. It’s like fi him hand a magic,” the resident said.

Reid said that it has been a joy to be able to take care of people the way he has. He said that over the years, he not only used his business to send his three children to school, but he has paved the way for many others who are now in very good jobs.

He said that his job has been a blessing, not only for himself, but for the people he helped to acquire an education.

“Mi send man go all a Monymusk Prep outta it and now them inna them nice job. Mi glad fi weh yah so do fi mi, man. There is no place that I would rather be,” he said.




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