Elderly couple facing hard times - Husband ill, wife struggles to support him

March 14, 2019
Uriah Harrison (left) is helped out of bed by his wife Hyacinth.
Uriah Harrison has pains all over, and sometimes forgets who he is.

Uriah and Hyacinth Harrison have been married since 1984. Their union produced three children whom they adore, and they did everything to ensure their offsprings achieved the best in life.

But their blessed union is facing a huge challenge because Uriah has become ill and the lack of money is preventing them from seeking medical attention.

Hyacinth told THE STAR that for weeks, her husband has been crying for pain in his knee and other areas of his body but there is nothing they can do.

She said that they went to the doctor once and got some pain medication but it has finished and they are unable to afford any more.

The couple, who lives in Bottom Halse Hall, Clarendon, said they have been suffering for years but they know their children are unable to help them the way they would like to.

Hyacinth, 63, said that lately, Uriah’s condition has been getting worse and she does not know what to do.

“Mi nuh feel too good and mi feel very sick,” Uriah said.

Hyacinth said: “Right now, he is bedridden. A mi affi do everything for him. Mi affi bade and feed him.”

She stated that there are times that Uriah forgets who he is and wanders off in the community. His daughter Kacian Harrison, who helps her mother when she can, said that she is not sure what sickness her father has.

She said that he occasionally messes himself up and the majority of the times, her mother has to clean it up.

“Wi not even sure what is happening with him because we don’t have the money to carry him to the doctor,” she said.

Hyacinth said that currently, she and her husband are living on approximately $3,500 per fortnight, which they are able to collect through their pension scheme.

She said that it is difficult to be living this way.

“I am not working because I have to be home taking care of him. I have to watch him because he will leave the house and seh him a go to his old house and wi can’t find him. It would be nice to get some help for him,” she said.


Anyone who is willing to help Hyacinth Harrison can contact her daughter Kacian Harrison at 876-357-8853



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