Calabar teacher says he was abandoned as a baby

March 25, 2019
Sanjaye Shaw

Sanjaye Shaw, the physics teacher who claims that he was attacked by two Calabar High athletes, says he does not know his biological parents.

This information came to the fore last Friday during a press conference about the alleged attack that took place on December 15.

It is understood that Shaw was left on the streets shortly after birth supposedly because of his appearance.

This was brought to public attention by former Calabar High head boy, David Fitz-Henley, and later confirmed by Shaw at the recent press conference called by the men.

Fitz-Henley, during his introduction of Shaw, said: “He told me: ‘I don’t know where my parents are.’ One week after he was born, he was abandoned by his parents because he looked differently. He was wrapped in a sheet and left for dead.”

Shaw said that he was found on Red Hills Road in St Andrew by a woman who heard him screaming and picked him up.

“The woman had 11 children and adopted him to be her 12th child. He was sent to primary school, then Kingston Technical (High School), then University of Technology (UTech), where he earned his degree in Technical Engineering,” Fitz-Henley said.

Greatly impacted the pass rate

Our news team was told that Shaw, who is the head of the Physics Department at Calabar High School, began working there in 2015. It is said that he has greatly impacted the pass rate for the subject at the Red Hills Road-based institution. Since being employed to the school, it is said that the Physics pass rate has moved from 37 per cent to 100 per cent in Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), and from 37 per cent to 81 per cent in Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination.

“Mr Sanjaye Shaw is one of our most distinguished, most accomplished Physics teacher,” Fitz-Henley said.

Meanwhile, following Shaw’s claims, the acting principal of Calabar High School, Calvin Rowe, said that the teacher did not provide substantial evidence of his allegations. Shaw claims that two of the school’s top student athletes, Christopher Taylor and De’Jour Russell, assaulted him during an overnight Physics camp he had on the school campus, while the athletes were staging a training camp on December 15.

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