PNP trying to raise money through crowdfunding

April 17, 2019
Many persons were out in their numbers for a PNP mass meeting in Port Antonio, Portland, on March 3.
Many persons were out in their numbers for a PNP mass meeting in Port Antonio, Portland, on March 3.

The People's National Party (PNP) is seeking to raise money for the party through crowdfunding.

While the targeted amount has not been disclosed, Julian Robinson, general secretary for the PNP, told THE STAR that persons have been contributing to the cause.

"There are people who are willing to make a $2,000 or $5,000 donation per month, and we have being receiving some of that," he said.

To make contributions, persons can go to the PNP website,, or donate to their JMMB account.

While it might seem new to some persons, Robinson said that crowdfunding is an initiative that the PNP has been undertaking for several months.

"It's something that has been in existence for at least 18 months now, and we're stepping it up and encouraging more and more people to contribute," he said

"We may not have as much money as our opponents do, but we believe part of this effort will allow us to raise more money. We felt it was important to reach out to a larger base of small donors who were willing to make small donations. It's expanding the base of your donors and not depending on a small number of large donors," he said.

Robinson said that the money raised will be used to support the operations of the party.

"It will ensure that we can do our political work programmes, which means supporting candidates in the field, ensure that our communication activities can be done," he said.

He also said that donors can be confident that their money will not be misused.

"We have internal and external auditors. We publish our annual reports. So there's a system of accountability within the party. We certainly have not had an issue from I've been general secretary in terms of how monies are used, and I don't see anything being different this year," he said.

For the East Portland by-election earlier this month, a GoFundMe account was created to raise funds for the election campaign of Damion Crawford, who was the People's National Party candidate. The account sought to raise US$10,000 (approximately J$1.3 million) towards his election campaign. In one month, the account raised US$10,733 (approximately J$1.4 million).

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