Weekend Escape: Fun and relaxation on the Blue Lagoon

June 21, 2019
Rafts ready to hit the water.
Veteran raftsman Homar leads Kimberley to her rafting lesson.
A view of the Blue Lagoon.
Homar shows how to navigate the raft.
Kimberley shows that she’s a quick learner under Homar’s apt guidance.
The inviting Caribbean Sea awaits.
The clear water allows you to see the sea life up close.
Homar and Kimberley are having too much fun.

For scenic views of Jamaica’s eastern shoreline, glimpses of friendly sea creatures like turtles and stingrays, and a peek inside the lives of the world’s rich and famous, Blue Lagoon in Portland is the Weekend Escape you’ve been hankering for.

Originally the site for the Hollywood film of the same name, American actress Brooke Shields’ monumental acting debut, the beachside escape offers the warmth of the sun, splashes of the Caribbean Sea and a peek into true luxury.

Entering from the backyard of perhaps the parish’s most affluent neighbourhood, the mini-beach tour attraction offers rental of flowered bamboo rafts paired with eager, knowledgeable guides ready to take a controlled drift out on the open sea.

We didn’t even notice the pelting sun because of the cool sea breeze swooping in from the horizon.

For this Weekend Escape, THE WEEKEND STAR team was comfortably cradled by Homar Davis’ cool, calm, and collected invitation to come aboard his raft.

He had one general safety instruction – walk sideways on the raft, like a crab – or like you’re walking on a surfboard.

Otherwise, he was prepared to dive in if anyone tipped overboard.

Moving out across the water, you can watch the water change from transparent, a window to the white sand, pebbles and crabs – into a delicate green before seeping into an everlasting aqua-blue carpet.

Davis first took the raft along the shoreline, to view the string of villas – each with their own impressive personality or history attached.

The villas price tags range from US$1,000 to US$10,000 per night. Some are owned by major Jamaican companies and prominent businessmen.

Davis pointed out other homes as the preferred vacation spots for celebrities like the Marley brothers and Naomi Campbell.

He even showed us the filming location for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’ movie Knight and Day, as well as the former spot of the Blue Lagoon Restaurant – built by Warner Brothers Studio for the Robin Williams and Jimmy Cliff comedy film, Club Paradise.

The restaurant was donated to the island when the film wrapped, but was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

Davis then pointed the raft away from the homes, towards the deep blue world famous natural pool. Once thought bottomless, it is actually 213 feet deep.

For those who dive in, they will feel currents of both warm and cold water – mix of the warm ocean and the cool mineral water feeding in from the Blue Mountain.

To see the sand, sea, and possible celebs, raftsmen could charge a three-party excursion about J$7,000. Experienced swimmers can rent snorkelling gear for an additional US$10.

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