St James SDA churches showcase creative food expo

June 25, 2019

The West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (WJC) in Mt Salem, St James, was the site of several eye-catching displays of various fruit and vegetable products during the annual St James Community Services Federation and Tradesmen League Expo on Sunday.

Despite the boiling sun overhead, representatives from various Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church districts in the parish spent the day manning booths, showcasing both edibles and by-products made from food items such as bananas, cassava, carrots and sweet potatoes. The expo was held under the theme 'Empowering Each One for Service'.

Patrons got the opportunity to eat pizza made with peas as the main ingredient, lie down on a bed made from banana leaves, and experiment with facial-mask cream made from guavas. Items such as corn-based kebabs, sweet potato cupcakes and coconut ice cream were also on sale during the day's proceedings.

Phyllis Wallace, president of the St James Community Service Federation, said that the annual event is geared towards assisting the SDA church's community services department in St James with providing aid for the less fortunate in the various church districts.

"As a church, the community services department is where we take care of those in need and those who are sick around us. When we sell the items, we take the proceeds back to our different districts, and we'll be helping our districts to provide for the less fortunate," said Wallace.

Tina Lewin, an exhibitor from the Mt Salem district of SDA churches, praised the creativity of the various items on display, particularly the non-food items.

"You can see the persons with their different skills coming out; for example, they had banana clothing at one booth, which was kind of funny. The turnout is looking good, and I hope that next year it will be better," said Lewin.

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