Sumfest up and running with fabulous Mawnin MEDZ

July 15, 2019

Western Bureau:

The combination of sea, sand and sun, alongside tasty Jamaican dishes, an abundance of alcoholic beverages, and pulsating sound system music, created an atmosphere to die for, as Reggae Sumfest 2019 got off to a rollicking start with Mawnin Medz at the Tropical Bliss Beach in Montego Bay yesterday.

From the 6 a.m. start to the 1 p.m. cut-off time, beautiful women, local and foreign, added extra charm to a beautiful morning as they strutted their stuff in eye-catching summer wear, and danced and gyrated in the pearl-white sand and crystal-clear water.

"I am having the time of my life. I really like the vibe, although I sometimes struggle to understand the Jamaican version of English," said Swedish reggae fan Amanda Elfstrand. "Jamaica is such a beautiful place; I would stay here forever."

For the visitors who were anxious to learn the latest dance moves, they got more than a master class as the skimpily clad ladies, buoyed by the encouragement coming from deejay Antsman and deejay Kevin, who were all but flawless at the turntables, added their sensuous flair to iconic dances like the Butterfly and Bogle, as reggae and dancehall classics flowed alongside a generous mix of ska, calypso, soca and Jamaican oldies.

"I am having the time of my life, everything is just so beautiful," said a Canadian beauty, who gave her name only as Tamarit. "I am here to see Buju Banton and have some real fun, and it is going great so far."

When Josef Bogdanovich, the CEO of Downsound Entertainment, the promoter of the festival, strolled into the venue shortly after 10 a.m., his smile clearly indicated that he was quite pleased with what he was seeing.

"It looks really good, and you can see that the people are enjoying themselves," said Bogdanovich. "I like the variety of summer wear, it looks very good and I must say I am impressed."

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