Western ConfederationSuper League to ‘remain as is’

August 20, 2019
Dalton Wint
Marvin Sangster of Faulkland FC (right) attempts to dribble the ball away from Tyshan Hill of Wadadah FC in the finals of the JFF Western Confederation/Charle’s JB Rum Super League at Jarrett Park last season.

Gregory Daley, president of the Western Confederation Super League, told THE WESTERN STAR yesterday in an interview that the current qualification for western teams to the Premier League ‘will remain as is for the upcoming season’.

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) announced last year that the Confederation Super League system would be scrapped for the upcoming season to a parish pairing system.

St James and Trelawny would be paired, while Hanover and Westmoreland would be the other pairing. Each pairing would provide one spot to the Premier League play-offs next year, sending two western teams overall.

But last year, the confederation played the old format last year, and Daley said that they would not be looking to disrupt that.

“What I can tell you, as it is today, the format will remain the same as the season that just ended,” Daley said. “Basically, we were not paired last year. Why? Our competition was more organised in relation to sponsorship and the overall running of the competition as opposed to the other confed groups. We were organised in a way that we could have started our competition within good time last year. The others did not start on time due to issues with sponsorship.”

Daley also pointed out that there were a number of options on the table but because they met the necessary criteria, the confed would continue as is, at least for now.

When asked if the JFF’s new format was mandatory or if there were criterian place to determine whether they could keep the format, general secretary Dalton Wint told THE WESTERN STAR that the proposal for the current format to remain is on the table.

“There is something on the board for discussion as it relates to the Super League going forward. It is not finalised as yet but that proposal is on the table for it to remain as is,” Wint said. “They (the confederation) would have to show that they have something concrete going forward. There is always room for change or for it to remain the same. As I said, it’s with the competitions committee and they will come back to us with some recommendations for the board to sign off on.”

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