‘Two minute men’ buying vibrators

October 03, 2019

A sex toy company has revealed that 70 per cent of the vibrating products it retails are being sold to men.

A representative of the company, which has been operating for more than 10 years, told THE STAR that it has seen a steady increase in the number of men who are interested in purchasing vibrators.

"It help dem inna dem enhancement. If yuh know seh yuh can go two minutes, you a guh buy a vibrator fi gwaan use, get the woman into the mood, and then yuh just go do you likkle part," Warren, a sales representative from the company, said.

New toy

Warren said these toys range from bullets, vibrating wands and vibrating eggs, and a new toy on the market, the tongue.

"This is like a suction, a purple tongue. It's a thing where it can be suctioned on to the vagina. There's a tongue in it that will perform oral sex. It vibrates and moves up and down, just like a man would," he said.

He added that the price varies from $3,000 to $17,000 for these toys.

Warren said that both older and younger men are interested in purchasing these toys. He also said that his sales are proof that men are becoming more open minded when it comes to sex. "Their attitudes are changing and a lot of men are no longer afraid of backlash from friends. A lot of men buy because they like the excitement and want to explore," he said.

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