Action opens house to children at Christmas

December 24, 2019
Markland ‘Action’ Edwards
Markland ‘Action’ Edwards

For the second year in a row, radio broadcaster Markland 'Action' Edwards will be hosting wards of the state at his home on Christmas Day.

Edwards is among scores of Jamaicans who have answered the call of the Child Protection and Family Service Agency (CPFSA) to 'take a child home' programme.

"I think I am going to make this my tradition, where I open my house to wards of the state during the Christmas. If I was in their position, I would want to be out, I would want to be enjoying Christmas just the same," he said.

'Take a child home' is an annual programme that provides an opportunity for families to open their homes to wards of the State during the festive season. It caters to children three to 18 years old who do not have parents or guardians to take them home during the holiday period.

Last year, Edwards took home 12 children, cooked for them and feted them. He is eager to do it this year again.

"Last year, they had a whale of a time. Some wanted me to adopt them. It was a rewarding and fulfilling gesture. When I heard about the initiative, I realised that given my schedule, I would not be able to take them for an extended period, so I just thought of having them for the day. We all want to be around family and friends, and if they can't be around family, whatever kind of environment that I can provide for them to have a great, memorable, and safe Christmas, that is what I am about," Edwards said.

Some 355 children benefited from the initiative last year. The CPFSA is still in the process of placing wards with families for this Christmas.

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