Woman found dead in bathroom

January 23, 2020

The Freeport police in Montego Bay, St James, have commenced an investigation into the mysterious death of stock clerk, Donnia Johnson, 22, whose body was discovered Tuesday morning in a male bathroom at Vikings Production, where she worked in the Montego Bay Free Zone.

Donnia was reportedly found with her underwear pulled down. When THE STAR visited the family home on Campbell's Road in the Tucker community, her mother Shereen Johnson and other relatives were grieving.

"I will not stop until mi get some justice for my daughter's death," Johnson said. She said that Donnia left home about 4:30 a.m. as usual.

"When she did not come home as she normally does in the afternoon, her babyfather, who also lives with us, got very concerned and informed me that she did not come home as yet. I told him that that is the way these young people are, so she would soon be home," she said. "Later that night, when she still did not come home, we all got concerned and rang her cellphone which went unanswered. Normally, she would rush home to be with her daughter, so when she did not come home we all got suspicious and we wanted to visit the Free Zone but was informed that no one would be there at that hours at night."

Received a telephone call

Johnson said that about 9:20 a.m. On Tuesday, the family received a telephone call from Donnia's workplace that they were to come to the Free Zone immediately.

"When I got there, I went to the door and started crying out and asking what happen to Donnia. I shouted that I wanted to see my daughter and they told me they did not want me to see her in that condition," she said. "I saw my entire world flash before my eyes. I just broke down and almost fainted, and when I really came to myself, the police had arrived on the scene and that was when I was allowed to see my daughter."

Donnia's father, Clarence Johnson, vowed that he would not stop until he got answers.

"The entire thing sounds and look suspicious. My daughter was suppose to leave work at 5 p.m. on Monday, yet she was found in the morning with her underwear part way down, and her phone and handbag still intact at the desk. This needs some looking into," he said.

The couple described their daughter as a kind, loving, individual, who was always giving jokes and loved spending quality time with her daughter.

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