Valentine’s Day party ends tragically after man stabs cousin to death

February 17, 2020
Ricardo Bailey
Ricardo Bailey

Residents in the Black Lane district of Craig Head in the parish were left bewildered and distraught after what was thought to be a reconcilable feud between two cousins ended in a fatal stabbing.

One man was taken into custody by detectives assigned to the Manchester Police Division following a stabbing incident that claimed the life of his cousin on Saturday, February 15.

Dead is 32-year-old Ricard Bailey, otherwise known as Fred, a farmer of Craig Head, Manchester. Reports from the Christiana police are that about 5:00 a.m., Bailey was among a group of persons at a bar when an altercation developed between him and a female. His cousin intervened and during the altercation, Bailey was stabbed by the man with a sharp instrument.

"The two of them had an argument in the bar and the other people in the bar were telling them to calm down. I don't know if they were drunk, but I hear is a silly argument where one was disrespecting the bartender and the other was defensive and that was the end," said Bailey's aunt, Juliet Dale.

It is said that Bailey and his cousin, who is also a farmer, would occasionally work together and never had any major disagreements before Saturday morning's incident.

"No one was expecting this. Right now I feel it for his two children that are left behind and them young. ... I don't know why this have to be the end. All the try the people at the bar try fi calm them down," Dale said.

"This has shocked everyone. I don't know how we will recover from this. Him nuh trouble people and me cyan believe this is the end. Jesus, have mercy," she said.

The police have taken Bailey's cousin into custody in relation to the incident, however, his identity has not been disclosed by the cops.

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