Skeletal remains found in Manchester - Woman suspects bones are of brother last seen in January

May 05, 2020

The ghastly sight of scattered clothes, a skull, and pieces of bone continue to replay in the minds of those who, last week, out of concern, went to the home of 66-year-old Telford James, a farmer from Chudleigh in Manchester.

It is said that James was last seen alive approximately four months ago.

Last Thursday, according to police reports, skeletal remains believed to be those of James, were discovered in bushes adjacent to his home by a family member.

The report stated that James had not been seen alive since January. His sister, Phyllis James, who lives in St Elizabeth, was surprised by the development.

Phyllis said that her brother lived alone and would most often be seen while farming along the roadway near his home.

Nuh give any trouble

"Me brother very quiet, enuh. Him nuh give any trouble, and him nuh keep no friend, and him just stay to himself ... . Just last Thursday when I was going up to Christiana in a taxi, coming from St Elizabeth, I was telling the driver that I hear that my brother is dead, and he said it may be true because he hasn't seen him for a few weeks now," she said.

An investigating officer said no missing person's report had been filed.

"Nobody never told me he was missing or that they weren't seeing him. I don't even know if he had a phone. Because I live in St Elizabeth, my son that live up there would tell me when they see him. I can't even tell you how I feel now. Every move me move me just haffi a say, 'God, poor Telford'. When me go up deh and see the skull and the two piece a bone and him shirt, underpants and pants, me know is him," Phyllis said as her voice fell.

The police said the remains have not yet been positively identified.

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