Alleged rapist mobbed by residents

July 02, 2020

Police in Manchester yesterday saved a man in the Old England district from an angry mob after he was accused of raping a woman in her home the previous evening.

When THE STAR reached on the scene, dozens of persons with machetes and other weapons had gathered as the police sped off with the accused.

The residents allege that the man removed the louvres from the window of the victim's house to gain entry and then raped her while her two grandchildren were on the bed.

Anonymous call

A resident said that if an anonymous call had not been made to the police, only the body of the accused would have been found by the cops.

"A kill we did a go kill him, but di police dem save him. I don't know a who call the police, but all me know is you cyan have dem man deh in the area," the resident said.

The resident said that women in the community have now grown fearful and wish for the accused to remain in police custody.

"We have we children, we mother, we sister in a di place. We cyan have this man round here. We a search fi him from morning, and we hear say him deh roun a place a hide, and a deh we go find him," the resident said.

The police confirmed that a report of the incident had been made and that investigations are ongoing.

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