Picture this! - Photos posted to social media may become evidence in COVID breach cases

July 29, 2020

Pictures posted on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook by persons who should be in home quarantine will be used as evidence in cases where people have been deemed to be breaching COVID-19 rules.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that some 50 persons are currently under investigation for failing to adhere to the requirements under the Disaster Risk Management Act to remain home for 14 days before interacting with the public.

Exercise greater vigilance

"I am concerned that a number of people are not strictly observing the home quarantine orders and I have asked the JCF to exercise greater vigilance and charge persons who are found to be in breach. I have been informed that 50 cases of breaches are now under investigations and nearing investigations and we can expect the first set of charges within a couple of days," Holness said. Some 20,126 persons have been issued with quarantine orders and should be at home isolated.

"We are seeing the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. So unless you can prove to us that those pictures were taken two years or three years ago, they become very good evidence for prosecution," Holness said.

Jamaica, as at yesterday, had 855 cases of COVID-19 virus. The country had 589 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on June 1, the day on which the country's airport was reopened to incoming passenger travel.

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