IT expert warns about cyber attacks

August 11, 2020

There has been an uptick in suspicious cyber security related activities locally over the last few months, according to Gordon Christopher Reckord, CEO for tTech, an information technology service provider. Reckord said that more business operators are becoming concerned by what is suspected to be breaches in their online systems.

"Our cyber security emergency response team has been receiving more calls over the last month or two," he said, while noting that "Not every activity that looks malicious is malicious." Reckord believes that too many business owners still don't fully understand the cyber security threat and related issues.

"They don't think it matters to them because they think they are too small and they don't believe they have any information or anything that any cyber criminal would want. But they are very wrong," he said. As such, he implored local business owners to guard themselves from cyber attacks.

"I start out by telling people that they have to train their users to be aware of these things. Step one for me is cyber security awareness training," he said.

Keep inventories

Step two advises businesses to keep inventories of all devices used to carry out duties for the business.

"You must take stock. You must have an inventory of all the devices and applications. So, if all a sudden a device or application pops up into your system, you know it's not yours and you will take action against it," Reckord said. He also suggested that business persons should practise "locking shop."

"Certain people buy hardware and software with security features built in. They install equipments with default settings ... they don't change nothing, they don't turn on enhancement features and they don't change the basic passwords," he said. "So when the ransomware people send out their various attacks, they look to these devices that have these default passwords and they try to hack them."

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