COVID causing space issues at Woman Inc

November 05, 2020

Executive Director of Woman Inc., Joyce Hewitt, said that more abused women have sought refuge at the facility since the onset of COVID-19, as there have been more cases of gender-based violence.

"Due to the fact of COVID, our shelter is always limited due to space and we are even more pressed because of the need to social distance and we have to make sure the persons who enter the shelter are in good health. We are in a precarious situation but we are trying the best we can to help everyone who comes in and need the help," she said.

Forced to leave their homes

"Right now women are being forced to leave their homes in the middle of a virus and usually have nowhere to go," she said. "We have actually seen where the cases are actually more extreme in terms of the women's mental well-being and also the physical assault."

Hewitt was speaking at the launch of the 'Violence Against Women and Children in the time of COVID-19' campaign, hosted by Jamaicans for Justice and The Canadian High Commission.

The campaign is an attempt to bring more attention to and try to quell the increased violence that has been affecting females since the onset of the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Hewitt revealed that plans are under way to construct a permanent facility, hopefully, by year end, so as to further assist women to escape their abusive homes.

"Too often we have women who come to the shelter for a week or two, then leave and go right back home to the abusive situation," she said. "This will allow them to stay up to a year and if necessary even longer as it will help them get their lives together and to avoid going back to the abusive situation."

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