Girl beaten to brink of death

November 13, 2020
Kaylan Dowdie
Kaylan Dowdie

There are only smiling faces when Kaylan Dowdie is around. The 17-year-old past student of Papine High School is described as the comedian of her household.

So it was no surprise when she told her mother that she wanted a career in acting. Unfortunately, the teen's loved ones may never get a chance to hear her contagious laughter again as she is currently on life support at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), after she was beaten by a group of women last Saturday night along Barbican Road.

Her mother, Veneisha Buckley, was in tears when THE WEEKEND STAR spoke with her yesterday.

"I am just coming from the hospital and the doctors are telling me that she is not going to make it. Is one per cent chance dem give mi baby to live, just one per cent. The one per cent is just because her eyes are open. My baby cannot breathe on her own at all. The doctors say they can't take her off the machine. They beat my baby and gave her one per cent at life," the distraught mother said.

Buckley said she was told that the fight started at a party that her daughter was attending on Boysie Lane.

The girl began to flare up

"I was told that a girl asked her why she was looking at her and my daughter responded by asking her what she take to see her. I heard that the girl began to flare up and an argument ensued. Based on what I heard, the girl or my daughter did not know each other. The girl hit her and while the fight started, another woman came up and hit her with a Hennessy bottle and hit her in the head. All of them, about six of them turned on my daughter and beat her," she said.

Buckley said the women continued to beat Kaylan even when she fell to the ground and also stabbed her in the neck.

"While this was happening, everyone at the party was just standing and enjoying the show. No one came to her assistance. One of her friends was running up and down trying to get help but she was laying on the ground for over an hour as persons were pronouncing her dead," she said.

Buckley said she had just come home from work when she got the spine-chilling news and instantly went to the hospital where she saw Kaylan unconscious.

"These females are heartless, evil and wicked. They are monsters. They are very evil for jumping my child. I can't wish anything good for them and all who stand around and watch the attack. I can't hide my feelings or conscience," she said.

Head of the St Andrew North Police Division, Superintendent Aaron Fletcher, said investigations are currently being carried out.

"What I know is that there was a fight among a total of five females who were in attendance at a party. My information is that the dispute started by the way of a quarrel over a male. They were fighting over man essentially and that would have resulted in two of them being injured and taken to the hospital. One was treated and released and the other, who is the 17-year-old, is admitted in serious condition," he said. Fletcher said no permit was granted for the party.

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