Woman paralysed after babyfather hit her with car

November 13, 2020

After years of being physically abused, Ann* said that in 2002, her then babyfather tried to kill her by hitting her with his motor vehicle.

"He hit me purposely. I had to run away with my first son because he almost killed me. I sit under abuse for so long, but I couldn't take it any more. And from that time, me never come back normal. It's a very long road," Thompson told THE WEEKEND STAR.

According to the 2016 Women's Health Survey, one in four Jamaican women have suffered physical abuse by their partner. In some communities, rates are reportedly as high as 60 per cent. More recently, a 2019 United Nations study stated that Jamaica has the second-highest rate of femicides in the world - a homicide in which the victim is a woman or a girl. The Jamaica Constabulary Force reports an average murder rate for women as 13 per 100,000 females.

Never Reported to Police

Lucky to be alive after a series of attacks, she said she has never reported the incident to the police.

"From that time, I haven't seen him. From I left, I haven't seen him and from that time he didn't see his son. My son is now 18-years-old."

Today, Ann is unable to walk after being hit by the motor vehicle.

"It wasn't so bad at first. I started feeling it little by little and I just went to doctor one time and didn't do anything about it after that. Then everything came down on me and I can't walk none at all. If I wash, someone has to throw the clothes over the lines for me," she related. "Right now, I have to sit on a bucket to move around and help myself. Trust me, it is very hard. I would like to help myself, but I can't do anything. I can't even go out to get a job or anything like that. It is frustrating."

Ann said that having escaped her abusive relationship, she went to another parish where she met a man who offered her a place to stay. She then got pregnant for him and had a daughter, who is now 15 years old. The teenager recently wrote to this newspaper, seeking help for mother.

"It's really hard for my kids ... most times, my daughter cries. I didn't even know that she reached out to THE WEEKEND STAR. When she tell me, tears just full up my eyes. I pray for a little help night and day. I pray that someone would even just listen to me," Ann said. "I just want something I can do, like a job, that could help me to help my kids and put us in a better position. If anyone could assist me with a wheelchair, as well, I would appreciate it."

Her daughter, very emotional, told THE WEEKEND STAR: "She needs help. My mother did meet into an accident and she cannot walk ... that's why I am asking for some help for her please."

* The name of the victim has been changed to protect her identity. Persons who want to make contact with her may contact her at 876-225-7022, or email star@gleanerjm.com

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