Reneto Adams opens up about his fight with COVID-19

May 19, 2021
Reneto Adams
Reneto Adams

Former Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams is calling on the Government to consider investing in the development of Jamaica's own COVID-19 vaccine or other treatments against the virus. This follows his weeks-long battle with the novel coronavirus.

"Our medical people should come together and start preparing a future for us because with this COVID-19, if we are really observing, there is a huge problem in front of us whether it is in the near or far future. So if we don't prepare ourselves to be personally equipped and have our own cure in the future, we might have to be depending on people who might possibly not even be able to help themselves. For example: look what is happening to India," he told THE STAR.

Adams added that Jamaicans being self-reliant means we have a better chance of combating the virus, which, up to Monday, had claimed 878 lives in Jamaica. There have been 33 confirmed deaths in the past three days. Globally, there have been more than three million deaths. Jamaica has recorded more than 47,479 positive cases, with 22,837 being active.

Flatten the curve

"We should be able to depend on us at all times. I'm a nationalist and I believe in our country and people because is only we can save ourselves from all the challenges that we have. Nobody at all is gonna come from abroad and save us and if they do, it's always about what they can get out of it," he said. In trying to flatten the curve, the Government has imposed various restrictions including weekend lockdowns, curfews and gathering limits.

In response to the existing COVID-19 protocols, the ex-cop says it is better for persons to adhere to them, as he reflected on his journey with the virus.

"I'm advising the people to follow the protocols because the virus is nothing to play with. I would never wish COVID for my worst enemy. It disturbs the whole equilibrium in the body. My taste, my sight, my sleep was affected. Everything was like in the opposite. It is a situation where I felt very uncomfortable, even water tasted off," he revealed.

Adams tested positive for COVID-19 in April and was admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital. The recovery process has been good he told THE STAR, but his current situation could have been different.

"I am where I am now because of the staff at the Spanish Town Hospital. The treatment that I got and what they prescribe to others at the hospital was of a first world country standard," he said. "I'm home and relaxed doing some reading and watching television."

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