Burn victim to go for treatment in US today

May 27, 2021

Nicola Clarke, the woman who was set on fire allegedly by her jealous boyfriend in Great River, Hanover, last Wednesday, is expected to be flown to the US today for treatment.

Th trip, which costs more than US$1 million, was made possible through the Kingston-based non-profit organisation, Sanmerna Foundation Limited. Stephen Josephs, project manager at Sanmerna, said the foundation was pleased to assist and loved the response to Clarke's plight.

"We have just gotten acceptance letter for the hospital to receive her, and she will be flying from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, by Trinity Air Ambulance," Josephs stated. "She will be received at the facility, JMS Burn Centre, at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia."

He added "So far we have gotten some figures and the foundation is working on how to mitigate some of those cost."

Full of praise

Josephs was full of praise for the team at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where Clarke has been receiving treatment. He also thanked the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency for expediting the process for Clarke to get a new passport, as her old one was destroyed in the fire.

Josephs said that after hearing about Clarke's story on the news, the foundation was contacted by the family of Kerry-Ann Collins, who died last December after receiving third degree burns in a kitchen accident. They encouraged the foundation to assist Clarke the way it had assisted their sister.

Reports are that Clarke, who operates a car wash and bar in Great River, got involved in an argument with her boyfriend. He accused her of being unfaithful and then reportedly set her on fire. He also doused her establishment with gasolene and set it ablaze. Clarke managed to run from the burning building and was rushed to hospital.

The boyfriend, who managed to escape from an angry mob, was later apprehended by the police in Westmoreland after he sought medical treatment for major burns.

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