Praying for a miracle - Mother of teen shot on his birthday appeals for help

June 14, 2021
Ne-Sean Blair and his mother, Kedine Wilson-Blair.
Ne-Sean Blair and his mother, Kedine Wilson-Blair.
Ne-Sean Blair, months before he was shot and injured in his community of New Hall, Manchester.
Ne-Sean Blair, months before he was shot and injured in his community of New Hall, Manchester.

Kedine Wilson-Blair has been in great distress for the past three months. Her 16-year-old son, Ne-Sean Blair, who was shot on his birthday, requires a life-changing surgery, which may be able to reverse his paralysis that is the result of a bullet being lodged in his spine.

"My son is paralysed from the neck down and he cannot do anything for himself ... but I am praying and trusting in God that after he does this surgery, and the bullet is removed, he will get back on his feet and achieve his goals," Wilson-Blair said.

The youngster was shot and injured in his community of New Hall, Manchester, on Tuesday, March 30. On the day in question, he visited an auto mechanic shop where he works as an apprentice during his spare time. While there, a gunman attacked patrons and as they tried to escape, Ne-Sean was hit in his back.

"To see your child just lying on his back. To know that this happened to him on his birthday, it's just hard," his mother said.

She said that her son, a fourth form student of May Day High School, is very responsible and takes his role as the eldest sibling seriously.

"Ne-Sean loves his football, but he makes sure to do his online class, while still learning a trade at the mechanic shop. When his father and I go out to work, when we come back, food would be prepared because him make sure him cook. The last time I visited him in the hospital, he was worried about not being able to complete his SBAs, and told me he had $2,000 to buy tyres for his bicycle when he comes home and is ready to go back to football practice ..."

Regaining mobility

But the possibility of him regaining mobility and getting the best treatment resides in taking him overseas. His mother said that this is likely to cost approximately US$300,000 (approximately J$44.9 million).

"To airlift him alone is about US$50,000 (approximately J$7.5 million)... and we don't have the money. His father and I work very hard for our children and we save, but all of that saving has gone down. I do janitorial work, I used to go around and clean people house, I worked at a supermarket, and I leave janitorial work and started working on construction site as a labourer," Wilson-Blair said.

The mother of three said that since the ordeal, she has had to stop working, and is faced with a $7,000-per-day bill each time she travels to Kingston to visit her son in the hospital and secure his supplies.

"I am pleading for help for my son. I am asking persons to help Ne-Sean. I am thankful for those who are already donating ... . Ne-Sean is a good student, a good footballer, mannerable, and he is a good son and great brother. My daughter always has a headache and I know it's because she is fretting on her brother. We have never been apart for so long. It is hard, and I am just pleading for help"

"Sometimes I don't have the words to talk to God, and so I just cry, but I know that God is going to work out something for Ne-Sean. To know you have your children and you have this happen, trust me, it is hard. But I am trusting God and I am asking anyone that is able to help, to help us."

The family has organised a fundraising cook-out for Friday, June 25, at the Royal Flat playfield to assist with Ne-Sean's medical care.

To assist Ne-Sean Blair, you may call his mother, Kedine Wison-Blair at (876) 880-4954.

Donations may be made via GoFundMe,

Kedine Wilson-Blair, Jamaica National Bank, Mandeville branch, AC #2094335810 (JMD) or AC #2094560027 (USD).

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