UNGODLY CROOKS - Communion vessels stolen from church

June 29, 2021
Goodness and Mercy Apostolic Temple.
Goodness and Mercy Apostolic Temple.
Pastor Eversley Brooks shows a damaged window in the sanctuary.
Pastor Eversley Brooks shows a damaged window in the sanctuary.

Following a raid of the Goodness and Mercy Apostolic Temple in Bonitto Crescent, Mandeville, Manchester, where criminals made off with items valued at approximately $500,000 over a two-week period, Pastor Eversley Brooks is warning the crooks to return the items or face the wrath of God.

According to Brooks, the sanctuary was broken into during the week of June 14, and again on Tuesday June 22. The pastor said his office, the kitchen and upper rooms were ransacked. Among the items stolen were eight wall fans, a deep freezer, kitchen equipment and communion vessels.

"Whoever took the items will be sorry, if they don't return it," the pastor said, adding that the crooks "broke out about three or four expensive windows" to gain access.

"It was Saturday of the first week that we found out they had broken into the building and we tried to fix it temporarily, and by the following Tuesday they were back there," Brooks said.

"I don't know what they were looking for, really, because they took some items and left some. They must have had some plan. They tried to gain entry into the music equipment room but years ago when the church was broken into and a speaker was stolen, we grilled the area heavily, so entry is not easy," Brooks said.

Three occasions

The pastor said criminals have broken into the sanctuary on three occasions since he started the church in 1993.

"The deep freeze that was stolen is fairly new. We got it so when we had events like convention, it could be convenient for us. Whoever took the items will be sorry, if they don't return it. I want people to be wary of what informal sellers are selling them because it could be stolen goods," the pastor said.

Brooks said the police have found fingerprints and are continuing the investigation into the matter.

"I want to tell those criminals that they may believe they get away from man but they can't get away from God because once you trouble whatever belongs to God, you are in danger."

He added: "Remember Nebuchadnezzar who went into the house of the Lord and take up the holy vessel and he and his concubine drank wine out of them and we saw what happened to them ... It is the same God. I advise you to bring back all those things you took from the church and save yourself."

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