CONTROLLED FROM PRISON - Woman says prisoner she met online nearly ruined her life

July 09, 2021

Months after ending a relationship with a murder-convict who is serving time in one of the country's maximum security prisons, a Corporate Area woman is sounding the warning to other women who would contemplate similar escapades.

Keisha*, who is in her 20s, said that she met one-time beau, Andre* on social media, and although she was aware that he was imprisoned, that did not prevent her from starting a relationship with him. She said that the two developed a strong bond over the phone and from the numerous times she visited him in prison.

"At first he and I would pray on the phone. Wi would read di Bible together, and baay things. Him did have mi inna one fantasy world, where mi a expect baby and marriage when him come out. Whenever we on the phone is like him nuh wah come off," Keisha said.

She said Andre assured her he would be out in five years and they found creative ways, such as phone sex, to satisfy their sexual desires.

Affection from behind bars

It is unclear who Andre managed to get a phone in his cell as under Jamaican laws, it is illegal for such instrument to be in the possession of prisoners. Despite the prohibition, it is not uncommon for contrabands such as phones to end up in penal institutions. More than 2,000 phones were seized in the country's prisons last year.

Keisha said that her then boyfriend found ways to prove his love and affection from behind bars. She said that he showered her with gifts, including jewellery, expensive clothes, and even cash to start her business.

"I was being well-taken care of," she said of the relationship that continued for three years.

However, she quickly pointed out that despite her man being behind bars, she rarely had freedom to do as she pleased.

"Many times I was somewhere and all of a sudden he was calling me, telling me that I must go home. Him would call over 100 times straight, if him cyah get mi on the phone," she said.

Keisha said that he became so possessive that he would, at times, send someone to her home to find out what was happening to her if he could not reach her by phone.

According to Keisha, she only got peace after she became a Christian and decided to ignore the 'things of the world'. She changed her telephone number and cut off all forms of communication with Andre.

Looking back, Keisha said that she considers herself a lucky woman, adding that her decision to follow Jesus saved her from a situation that could have become deadly.

*Names changed to protect identity

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