Happy birthday, STAR

November 24, 2021
 Doreen Brown
Doreen Brown
 Janice Davis
Janice Davis
Pauline Clarke
Pauline Clarke

Janice Davis, STAR vendor

My favourite part of my STAR is Tell Me Pastor because I like to listen what the people dem say, and I kinda pick up few hints about other things. Every day I read Tell Me Pastor.

Happy Birthday to THE STAR and I wish it don't stop publish!

Doreen Brown, STAR vendor

I love Tell Me Pastor. I just read and laugh.

To THE STAR I wish them a very special anniversary and I let's hope them continue to survive.

Pauline Clarke, STAR reader

Mi favourite part a THE STAR is mi horoscope and the Cash Pot because I just addicted to reading those two parts.

Happy birthday when it comes 70 to all the staff!

Peter Angus, STAR reader

A mostly the entertainment section mi look fa. Mi deeven watch TV mostly, so daily a THE STAR. Mi look pon the Tell Me Pastor too. Mi read every likkle thing, football, everything. But mostly a the entertainment and mi horoscope so me can know wah gwaan, cause mi find out seh horoscope nuh really tell lie. If a nuh suh, a something near suh, true true.

I wish unuh all the best!

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