Witness testifies I-Octane agreed to help gangster flee Jamaica

February 22, 2022

A witness in the Clansman-One Don Gang Trial today testified that dancehall artiste, I-Octane reportedly said he would be able to arrange for him to travel outside of Jamaica as a part of his touring entourage.

This was revealed during a phone conversation with Fabian ‘Crocs’ Johnson which was secretly recorded by an ex-gangster. 

In the recording Crocs is heard saying, "link all di bwoy Octane pon di ting, him ah tell mi bout 250. Come in like a joke ting."
The ex-gangster then asked whether the entertainer was selling him something for $250,000 or was giving him the money.

Crocs replied, "No pan my ting man, pan book ting yuh zeet."
In an explanation to the court the ex-gangster said that prior to the recorded conversation, he was a part of a conversation in which Crocs had reportedly asked I-Octane to help him to leave the country.

"A easy ting dat, him can get a visa mek him come on tour but him responsible for himself," the witness said of I-Octane.

This is the second time in the trial that the artiste has been mentioned.

The same prosecution witness had testified that the reputed leader Andre 'Blackman' Bryan and other alleged gang members had visited the entertainer's studio to record music with him.

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