Tumour won’t stop Black X from using voice for change

March 04, 2022
Derrick ‘Black X’ Robinson
Derrick ‘Black X’ Robinson

Determined advocate Derrick 'Black X' Robinson says that a tumour which is causing him to lose his voice will not stop his mission to make Chief Tacky of the Maroons a national hero.

"They may have to take out my voice box and I may have to do without my voice for a while. So, I will have to learn a new way of speaking and I have mentally prepared myself for this. If I am not able to speak, there is a lady from my team who will do the talking but I am not giving up," he told THE WEEKEND STAR with a raspy voice. The Rasta man, who has walked barefooted for 15 years advocating for hero status for Chief Tacky, said that when his voice developed a raspy sound a few years back, he thought his voice was merely changing.

"But I realise I was getting hoarser. In November of last year, I visited a doctor in St Mary and he gave me some medication and told me that if after a couple of weeks my voice did not come back normal, he would have to send me to a specialist to look down my throat," he said.

Black X stated that after there was no change, he was given a referral to a specialist who recommended that he do tests at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

"I did a CT scan with the help of some friends who paid for it after I went public. The doctors said there is a tumour in my throat, but they don't know if it is cancerous. But I know that either way, I will have to do a surgery. I am not worried as I keep telling myself that everything will work in my best interest," he said.

"I am one who will use every challenge as an opportunity to do something great. I am still on a mission to get Tacky to be a national hero. I am ill but I am still continuing on my journey. However, I cannot plan a walk right now as my friends would not forgive me, especially since I have a medical condition," he said.

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