WEIRD STUFF: Woman furious after KFC short her chicken

March 29, 2022


Treasure chest found on beach

A woman discovered a treasure chest filled with coins on a beach.

Jennie Fitzgerald travelled to north Norfolk to take part in a beach clean earlier this month and made the remarkable discovery of a chest filled with old coins and other trinkets.

Fitzgerald said: "I've never found anything like this on a beach before. Normally, I'm looking for sea glass and shells, so it was incredible to find something like this."

She revealed that the chest contained a number of ancient coins that her children hope will make them rich.

Fitzgerald explained: "The chest was locked shut but the bottom had started to fall off, so we were able to take out its contents carefully.

"We found about 100 coins, mostly Victorian and some dated to George III's reign, but there were also others that looked to be medieval and Roman.

"My kids think they are going to be rich."


Massive lemon found on farm

A baker found a nine-inch lemon that was bigger than her baby's head.

Tammy Warren spotted the gigantic lemon at a fruit and veg stall on a farm in Wiltshire and explained that the citric whooper is bigger than her son Sebastian's head.

Warren purchased the large lemon and is now planning to make drizzle cakes and "lots of gin and tonics" with the massive piece of fruit.

She told The Sun newspaper: "It's the biggest lemon I've ever seen in my life. I thought it would make a great cake.

"It's bigger than [my baby] Sebastian's head.

"In this case, when life gives you lemons, I'll be making a couple of lemon drizzle cakes. I'll have a go at limoncello, candied lemon peel and lots of gin and tonics."

The zesty giant is 17 times the size of a normal lemon and was grown from the same tree that in 1989 produced a then world-record-size lemon that had a girth of 31.5 inches.


Woman furious after KFC short her chicken

A person in Ohio called the police to complain about her KFC order.

The Euclid Police Department received a call last week from a woman who told a dispatcher that she did not get enough chicken after ordering from the drive-through at the fast-food outlet.

The unnamed woman claimed that she had only received four pieces of chicken, despite paying for eight.

The caller was advised that her problem was a civil matter but she demanded that an officer was sent to the scene.

The department confirmed that an officer attended the scene and informed the woman that he was unable to act on the incident.

Police Chief Scott Meyer has said the situation serves as a reminder to the public to only use the emergency services for genuine reasons.

He told WJW-TV: "While we are here to serve the public, an incorrect drive-through order is not a police matter."


US man says aliens are consuming humans

Ryushin Malone, UFO researcher, insists that he was visited by a pair of translucent alien beings who were hoping to harvest his adrenal glands. He is convinced that extraterrestrials are sacrificing and consuming humans.

Malone, who hails from the US state of Maine, told the Daily Star: "I was sitting there and I felt a touch underneath my chin and it lifted up my head.

"I looked down and I could see a translucent being in front of me with big eyes, a small, maybe three-foot-tall see-through creature.

"And another creature stepped around from the side of it with an iron rod and put it up against my neck. Then that creature disappeared.

"The first creature then lowered my head down and then stepped back and disappeared.

"After that, I was like, oh, my God, they're real. They're here."

Malone has devoted his life to exploring aliens since the 2017 incident, and is convinced that they have been living among the human race for thousands of years.

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