Woman begs for DNA test as three men could be child’s father

April 05, 2022

A Kingston woman is hoping that a company that offers DNA testing will give her a free one so that she can find out who is her daughter's father.

Jane* said that she caught her spouse of 10 years, who is her first child's father (they have a son), in bed with another woman in 2019. After his betrayal, she had a one-night stand with her best friend. She later got a new boyfriend even though she was not fully detached from her babyfather. A few months later, Jane found out that she was pregnant. As her infant grows, she believes the child shares features of her now estranged boyfriend, who is demanding a paternity test.

"He refuses to pay for it because he had took me to court for negligence and I took him back for child maintenance. He started paying it but afterwards he said he wanted a test done," she said. The woman said that she asked a friend to check the cost for a DNA test and was told that it would cost $50,000, but she is unable to afford it. Her best friend is unaware that he may also be the father. She said that she is keeping her fingers crossed that her babyfather is her toddler's father as she is still in love with him and merely made a mistake when she slept with the other men.

"My son's father was also saying the baby was his until he started seeing that her features were changing. Honestly, at first, when she just born I was praying she was for my babyfather because I was still in love with him. But afterwards her features start to change and she start resemble the other guy. Her hair, nose mouth and fingernails look like him," she said.

Jane, who is in her mid-20s, told THE STAR that she was traumatised when she caught her babyfather cheating.

"I was so shocked until mi get a panic attack. Mi faint weh and mi pressure go up so mi have to go hospital. Mi all fall inna depression because mi son father was mi first love," she said.

Jane said her babyfather, who is 20 years older, stood by her side while she was hospitalised but his family discouraged them from continuing their relationship, arguing that she was too young for him. Her heart was broken as she watched him go back to the woman he cheated with. That led to the one-night stand with her friend. Then shortly after she got a new boyfriend.

"The guy tell mi him life story and I could relate to it because we both had cheating partners. A month after we meet, him ask mi to move in with him but mi tell him say mi never break it off with mi son father because mi still nuh over him and trying to work things out. I was sleeping with him and my son's father and it end up that I got pregnant two months after I met the guy," she said. "Mi boyfriend say the baby is his and I said I wasn't sure and we argue, fight and break up."

She said her boyfriend returned close to when she was ready to give birth but they are now involved in a nasty court battle.

"What get mi afraid now is the part weh him say if it work out say the baby is not his, I will have to pay him for the money he spent on her. I just want to do the DNA and get it over with," she said.

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