Much more people in open relationships

April 15, 2022

Open relationships have soared since the pandemic. Experts claim that romantic burnout, caused by spending too much time together during the various lockdowns, has been blamed for lovers looking elsewhere.

Sex therapist Dr Tammy Nelson says there has been a 45 per cent leap in inquiries about discussing the topic with partners in recent months.

Nelson said: "Couples are now keener than ever to spice things up a bit. Many have started to outsource their needs in the shape of open relationships."

Men are usually the ones who want more sexual freedom but it is women who often want to continue when an open relationship begins.

Nelson explained: "Women are now much more in charge and much more demanding. That's why we're seeing more open relationships.

"Men bring it to the table, women think about it for a long time, then after they do it, women don't want it to stop. Men are the ones who are quicker to say, 'I don't want to do it any more.'

"Women are likely to say , 'I don't want to stop.'"

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