‘Target the bikers’ - Security expert wants cops to go after men on motorcycles

June 07, 2022
Robert Finzi-Smith
Robert Finzi-Smith
Motorcycles seized by the Hanover police.
Motorcycles seized by the Hanover police.
Men on motorcycle pass a burning barricade.
Men on motorcycle pass a burning barricade.

If Robert Finzi-Smith has his way, the police would stop and search any motorcycle on which two males are travelling. At the same time, the security consultant would crush motor vehicles in which fugitives are found, and seize houses belonging to people who harbour wanted men.

The outlandish proposals, made during an interview with THE STAR yesterday, comes ahead of an update on the country's crime situation from Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson. The chief constable is scheduled to speak at a press conference today.

"If I were the police commissioner, I would be asking for legislation that covers the aiding and abetting of criminals. In other words, if I hide a criminal in my house, it is forfeited," Finzi-Smith said.

"You think that somebody who knows that their house is going to be forfeit is going to be anxious to hide somebody in it if they are found in it?" he questioned.

In addition to taking away homes, Finzi-Smith wants modes of transportation to be targeted.

"Any car that I have found that is found to have transported them, I am crushing," he said.

"And anywhere you see two men on a motorbike, it is going to be stopped. It should be a due cause. That means dem cyah ride around again with impunity because they are now targets until after a while it no mek sense fi two men riding on a bike," he reasoned.

Jamaica has recorded 594 murders this year for the period January 1 to May 27, up from 555 for the corresponding period in 2021, according to the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The extent of the country's murder figures is expected to be laid bare when Anderson speaks.

Finzi-Smith argued that using licensed firearm holders as part-time cops can help with the country's fight against crime and violence. He, however, does not want Anderson to spell out his anti-crime plan out of concern that the criminals my be listening.

"If I were the commissioner of police, God forbid, I would tell them [criminals] that I know who you are and I am coming for you. And I will tell those shielding them, if you keep them in your house you can lose it, and if you drive them around in your cars, we are going to smash it and contribute to the scrap metal industry," Finzi-Smith said.

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