‘Nobody couldn’t bully me’ - ‘Optical’ had smooth entry to Calabar

September 02, 2022
Daemion Mclean
Daemion Mclean

Enterprise and Career Development Officer at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Daemion 'Optical' McLean, is encouraging students stepping into high school to avoid distractions that may come with the new territory.

"The truth is my days of high school and now are different. We had more conscious children who wanted more so they worked and played hard and looked out for each other. I don't know if that's how it is set now but I encourage persons going out for the first time to try and make the right set of friends. Make friends that are of similar thinking as yourself. Those who want to make something of themselves. Avoid distractions," he said.

A proud past student of Calabar High School, McLean, who lost his sight at age 10, told THE WEEKEND STAR that his entry was mostly smooth and easy going.

"Nobody couldn't bully me. So I never had that experience on the first day. Students were curious as I would have been the only blind person in my form. They would want to help so they would ask a lot of questions and you would have a set that would be looking on and a wonder. I had this English Language teacher name Miss Holsworth and she didn't let the curiousity get the best of her. She really let me settle in," he said.

McLean, however, stated that he was a bit worried about travelling on public transportation.

"Calabar deh Red Hills Road and I used to board at the School for the Blind on Mannings Hill Road so we used to have to take the #35 bus to and from school. I did have some mobility training but I was still scared," he said.

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