Jamaica needs Molly dog - Security expert wants party drug-sniffing canines

September 07, 2022

Head of the Canine Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Superintendent Rex Swearing, said that the country does not have any dogs capable of detecting Molly.

"At this time we don't have a dog that has that capability but it is something that we have been discussing to see how we can get a dog so trained," said Swearing, who was contacted on the issue by THE STAR on Monday.

Following the recent concern expressed by the National Council on Drug Abuse that Molly is becoming the drug of choice among Jamaican youth, at least one security specialist is convinced that the JCF, through targeted use of its Canine Division, should do more to help in the fight against the use of the substance.

"First of all we need to accept that there is an epidemic, that Molly is a problem. We would first have to do that, and when we do that we would have to commission a cadre of specially trained dogs to sniff out molly at the ports," the expert said.

He reasoned that in the same way dogs have been trained in Jamaica to sniff out drugs such as ganja, cocaine and meth, similar training can be done for them to detect Molly.

"I think that nationally we're not recognising Molly as a class one drug, as a drug along the lines of cocaine and marijuana."

He speculated that the financial allocation to facilitate this additional canine training is yet to happen because those with policy making abilities have yet to realise how pervasive the drug has become.

"Probably it is because of the demographic of persons that are taking it. It is through the dancehall culture that Molly has crept on to our kids. And you know persons from the higher echelon, they don't tune into dancehall so they wouldn't be hearing Squash and Skeng singing about this new drug."

Despite this he doesn't believe the drug affects the socio-economic classes disproportionately.

"It is not a class divided drug but when you go up to the higher echelons the kids up there they know how to hide this drug because one of the side effects of the drug is that it makes you sort of antisocial and docile. So just imagine a child in the ghetto who suddenly starts sleeping the whole day. When the mother asks this child to do something the child says 'no I don't care, I don't wanna do this', that would be a red flag in the ghetto but uptown it wouldn't necessarily mean that anything was wrong with that child."

He continued: "This is my main thing. We have to prick the higher ups in the force to try and get on to this because if you remember the crack epidemic in the US. It started to mushroom and nobody paid it any mind then it got out of hand because I bet you my bottom dollar if you go into any high school, and say Molly, every one of those from nine grade go up to 11 grade they know it. They have seen it and they have tried it at least once."

He told THE STAR that if the security forces fail to act now, they are going to end up playing catch-up to a group of young people who are totally hooked psychologically on pills.

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