Panty paradise gets cheeky with underwears

September 14, 2022
This panty clearly makes a statement about property rights.
This panty clearly makes a statement about property rights.
Things definitely looking up for Chris.
Things definitely looking up for Chris.
One of the personalized panties on offer from Panty Paradise.
One of the personalized panties on offer from Panty Paradise.

If the idea of having your name or cheeky phrases on the front of your partner's panties excites you, Rallicia Lawrence's Panty Paradise may very well be the place for you.

Lawrence started offering her signature underwear services in 2020 when she needed to find a way to reignite her dwindling underwear business.

"The idea came to me in May 2020 when COVID just started taking over Jamaica. At the time I was selling panties online only and from the trunk of my car on weekends. Business really got terrible because buying new underwear wasn't really a priority, and then we had Dexta Daps singing No Underwear which was a big hit at the time. People were more focused on COVID so I had to recreate my brand."

The businesswoman then decided to put names and cheeky phrases on the panties and sell them for $1,000.

"I spoke to my best friend Michael and he loved it as a man, and the business just took off from that. So we have the special where you can message us and you can put your man's name on your panty or anything you want on your panty for just $1,000."

That special, along with their glow in the dark text feature, has since revitalised the business, now allowing Lawrence to have a permanent location in Bargain Mall, Half-Way Tree.

"When you're in the dark the words just glow. Things like, come here, fu... here, Happy Birthday John. We also do international shipments, so we ship to the US for just US$20 for the panty and delivery fee."

Ever a colourful people, customers keep Lawrence entertained with the crazy phrases they request.

"Jamaicans love slackness. So I get a lot of orders, I get a lot of creativity I must say. Their minds run wild and I get some nice things to put on it. I get things like 'eat up', 'full course meal', stuff like that," she laughed

"Nobody wants any big boring panty, they want names on it. They want words as soon as they're in a new relationship, as soon as birthdays come up. As soon as anything, any pay day, some would say 'Welcome home baby' when it's a man coming home from camp, those little things bring a whole new life to the meaning of panties. It's also very confidential so if someone sees a panty and asks who bought this, we'll keep it, we don't know. Or if you're a guy and you want to order a lot, we'll keep it 100 per cent confidential."

While the most common phrases are those prompting cunnilingus, Lawrence says her favourites are those that mark special occasions.

"I love the wedding ones, to know that I could be a part of something so special," she said.

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