Clown jailed for intimidating passengers

November 15, 2022

Up to press time last night, it was unclear whether the man seen in an amateur video angrily demanding that passengers exit a taxi will remain in police custody pending a January 12, 2023 court date.

The man, identified as Ramone Silvera, was arrested and charged for harassing and intimidating passengers in a taxi in downtown Kingston yesterday as some operators were on strike to demand a traffic ticket amnesty. At one point, Silvera, 32, who the police say is a professional clown, held what appeared to be a board in his hand while barking orders at the passengers.

Silvera, who is of a Kellyman Terrace address in Kingston 11, was charged with assault at common law, disorderly conduct and indecent language. He will answer to those charges on the aforementioned date at the Kingston and St Andrew Court in Half-Way Tree.

When contacted for a comment, Superintendent Berrisford Williams, commanding officer for the Kingston Central Police Division, confirmed that Silvera was arrested by a team from the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch.

"I doubt that he will stay in custody until his court date because that is a simple offence. However, I cannot confirm bail at this moment. He was just charged at our facility and would therefore be at facility if not granted," he said.

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