Sex demon tickles side chick’s private parts – obeahman

January 04, 2023

A 40-year-old woman from the county of Middlesex is imploring other females to 'leave people man alone' after she said she was cursed by her lover's wife.

The woman, whose identity is being withheld, said she endured the agony of having a demon tickle her private parts and ants invading her bed at nights. She said the ordeal forced her to end the affair, and is now urging other women not to get entangled in other person's relationships.

"I will never encourage any woman to knowingly get involved in anyone's life because it can mash yuh up. Is lucky mi lucky, because the woman set a spirit on mi to destroy mi. Mi is not a woman who believe in obeah, but mi had to draw for a obeahman when mi see seh mi a guh dead," the woman claimed.

The 40-year-old woman told THE STAR that she had an affair with a married man for almost a year. She said that their illicit relationship was going well until last August when she starting to experience a tickling sensation in her vagina.

"Every night I go to bed I would wake up about 12:30 and I wouldn't go back go sleep until after 3 o'clock. During dem time deh, I feel all type of things touching and tickling me, but I not seeing anything when I look. All this time the man wife a call mi and a tell mi seh she a go fix mi business, but mi nah pay har nuh mind because mi think a physical fight she a talk," she said.

The woman said she sought medical attention and was even treated for a sexually transmitted infection on at least three occasions. She said the tickling did not go away.

"One night I was sleeping and jumped out of my sleep and my legs and bed were partially covered with mad ants. Mi leap out same time and go bathe and about two days later the same thing happen again. Is like I was falling in depression because I was afraid to be alone and to sleep. When mi nah feel things a crawl, me a see ants and mi had a terrible odour. It was so bad that I was afraid to go around people, and even the married man a ask if mi nah bathe good," she said.

The woman said that in November, she shared her experiences with a relative who encouraged her to seek a spiritual adviser. She decided to contact Ruben Williams, a popular obeahman, who told her that she was being tormented by a sex demon that was sent by her lover's wife. Williams said the case was extraordinary as the evil spirit had come from Haiti and was extremely powerful.

"When she came to visit mi she smell like she was rotting. Mi hope she nuh feel anyway mi say she didn't smell good. When mi see har and start work pon har, mi witness one likkle roach crawl out deh. A real ting, mi a tell yuh eno. Mi wash har off and bun the candle and do a portion of tings. Mi also had to kill a small goat and mix up the blood inna divine water and burn the underwear that she was wearing. It take mi days to complete har work and thank God she good now," Williams said.

According to Williams, the evil spirit was angry but had no choice but to leave the host. For her part, the woman, who claims she is now cured, said she has left the married man and will never allow herself to be entangled in anyone's relationship again.

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