Wanted man cut down

February 21, 2023

Deputy Superintendent Oneil Thompson, who is in charge of operations for the St Thomas Police Division, said it was a "win for the people in Seaforth" after the parish's most man, Wayne 'Lutie' Logan, was shot and killed during an alleged confrontation with the police yesterday.

The incident reportedly occurred in Morant Bay about 7 p.m. The police said that a Glock pistol with two magazines were recovered from Logan, who was pronounced dead at hospital.

Thompson told THE STAR that Logan, 26, who resided in Seaforth, was a "high-ranking member" of the feared Navar Lane gang in the area, and caused fear among residents.

"During his reign, the Seaforth area was under tension. The place was suffering. Seaforth basically became a ghost town because of his ruthless operations," Thompson said.

"It's a win, enuh, because for over a year he reigned terror. He became St Thomas' most wanted. We made several attempts to apprehend him but he eluded us each time based on the terrain in Seaforth and the support of some persons he was in cohesion with," Thompson added.

The senior crime fighter said that Logan was wanted for numerous crimes including murder and shooting. He also vowed that the St Thomas police will not relent in their drive to dismantle criminal gangs and their operations within the parish.

"In his [Logan's] case, he eluded on so many occasions, but we kept up the operations and maintained full force in that space. So, as a result he left the area and was in Morant Bay," Thompson said.

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