End of round win pleases Patrick

November 10, 2015
@Normal:Waterhouse's coach Anthony Patrick

Waterhouse coach Anthony Patrick said the team coped very well without top striker Jermaine Anderson to register its first win in four games, a 2-1 effort over Humble Lion at Drewsland, on Sunday.

Patrick believes their attack showed greater pace, movement, and creativity than ever this season. Anderson sat out because of card compilation.

"When you looked at the movement up front, it was great, and that is what was missing from the team, and it created havoc for the Humble Lion team," he said.

three loses

Patrick said it was an all-time low for him to lose three straight games at Waterhouse, and he was desperate to avoid a fourth successive defeat, but he said the players honoured his request by rising to the occasion to end the losing run.

"First time in my coaching career that I was losing three games back-to-back, and that was a sore point for me. I really spoke to the players. We had a lengthy discussion, and I asked them to work a bit harder and to try and be patient.

"I told them no matter what happened in the game, to just relax and play. We also made a few adjustments with personnel and positions, and we got a good result. We were very collective in what we did, and once we continue that, we can get the points we need," he said.

He added that victory in the final game of the first round was the best remedy they could get as they look to turn their campaign around in the next round.

"The last five games we have played well, but were not hitting the back of the net. We got two, and that was important, so I expect us to continue playing well and hopefully we get the goals," he said.

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