Mission Accomplished!


November 11, 2015
@Normal:Members of the UWI FC team celebrate after scoring against Boys' Town in a Red Stripe Premier League match at the UWI Bowl yesterday. UWI won 2-1. From left are Girvon Brown, Kemar Cummings, Deno Schaffe and Rochane Smith.

Boys' Town Football Club's coach Andrew Price said the team accomplished its short term goal for the Red Stripe Premier League season, which is to finish the first round with 15 points.

The team defeated Reno 2-0 on Sunday to climb three places to end the round in fifth with its projected 15 points.

"We had a goal at the start of the season to finish the round with 15 points, and we were on 12, so we beat Reno on Sunday and we achieved one of our short term goals which is to finish the round with 15 points. That is one of our ambition and we took the game quite seriously," he said.

He blamed the team's poor start to the season on the Business House tournament, which usually overlaps with the Premier League and deprives many clubs of their top players for the opening weeks of the competition.

good form

However, he thinks they are running into some good form going into the second round of the league.

"We are usually slow starters. A great majority of our players play in the business house competition, so we don't have the full nucleus of our squad at the start of the season. We are slowly coming into some good form right now and hopefully we can keep it up," he said.

"But we are going to have to have discussions with these (business house) players and some of the business house leaders to see if we can coordinate the competition so they don't intersect with each other, so we can have our players at the beginning of the season," he added.

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