Check mate Jamaica!


November 20, 2015
Robert Wheeler

Jamaica emerged victorious from the eight round of action at the 25th World Senior Chess Championships in Acqui Terme, Italy.

In the 65-year-old and over section, Robert Wheeler, Jamaica's reigning seniors champion, drew with the white pieces against Ireland's Patrick Daly, who uncorked the Dutch defence to surprise his opponent.

Wheeler will have the black pieces in the ninth round against Norway's Erland Henrichsen.

Jamaica Chess Federation president and reigning Jamaica veterans champion, Ian Wilkinson QC, had another five-hour long game, this time against the higher-rated Brazilian, Roberto Cassio Sopko.

In the ninth round, Wilkinson, now ranked 10 places above his starting position, will have the black pieces against the higher- rated Norwegian Terje Melkeraaen.

The championships are being staged by the Italian Chess Federation in association with FIDE and will be held over 11 rounds at a time control of 40 moves in 90 minutes, with 30 minutes to complete the game.

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