Sports officials should place greater emphasis on medical care - Bruce

November 28, 2015
Dr Carl Bruce

One of the region's leading neurological surgeons, Dr Carl Bruce, has called on sports administrators and practitioners to be more vigilant in their preparations for medical situations that may occur during play.

"I want to take this opportunity to remind you that a part of officiating is that we need to make sure its everybody's business that we are prepared medically," said Bruce, while addressing umpires at their recent annual awards ceremony and retreat in Montego Bay.

The presentation was made under the theme, "Concussions in Sports."

"I am not saying that we need to have an ambulance at every ground, but, I am saying that we need to be prepared.

"We ought to encourage coaches to have a first aid kit as there are a few things in there that can help from time to time," he added.

put safety first

Bruce, who is also a member of the new University Hospital of the West Indies' board, throughout his presentation, which featured examples of concussions in sports, also encouraged umpires to always put safety first, even as it relates to their situation.

"But to get the cricketer from the ground, out of the stadium, it can take a bit of rehearsal, and a bit of work, and you have to get it right," he said.



"Sometimes the umpires can get sick as well at the game; it's not just the players, so it is everybody's responsibility to make sure that we are ready."

The ceremony, which saw Patrick Gustard and Sean Johnson taking home the top umpire, and top junior umpire awards, also featured umpire developmental seminars and lectures based on new laws and practises within the game.

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