Chris Gayle gets golden bat for Australia's Big Bash T20 league

December 18, 2015

Jamaica-born West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle will wield a new weapon when he plays in Australia's Big Bash Twenty20 league on Saturday.


The party king has been given a golden bat by bat manufacturers Spartan, something no other cricketer has played with before.


Cricket Australia has approved  the bat, indicating  that it breaks no rules of international cricket.


"Cricket Australia would assume that all players are using equipment that complies with the laws of Cricket and, if that's the case, there should be no issue," a Cricket Australia official said.


Spartan boss Kunal Sharma assures cricket fans that the bat is just attractive and wont give Gayle any advantage in his games.


"There is no metal in the gold colouring we are using in the bat. There are restrictions on what you can and can't use in cricket bats. And you can't put metals into bat products because they can enhance strokeplay. This bat is fine because we haven't changed the make-up of it," Sharma said.


The Spartan boss also gave a good description of the golden bat.


"We have infused a gold colour in the timber wood of the bat and there is sheen of a gold spray over the bat," Sharma said.


"There is a light spray of a beautiful gold colour over the bat, it is something that cricket hasn't seen before.


Chris Gayle's team, the Melbourne Renegades, will play the Brisbane Heat in Saturday's game.


Gayle, 36, is celebrated world-wide and his well-known for hitting huge sixes.


His mansion in Jamaica boasts an in-house strip club and a "hanky panky bed". 

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