WICB high performance programme ready


December 19, 2015

Over the last two years, the West Indies Cricket Board has added more competitions to its regional calendar. Teams now have an opportunity to play 10

first-class four-day games; a compact one-day series at the start of the calendar year and a reformatted T20 competition in the summer. The recent adoption by the board of directors to start the cricket year in May forms just part of the overall programme which the board thinks, if followed, can help the overall plan to see the elite male team inch back its way into the top tier of international cricket.

Director of Cricket Richard Pybus, in a presentation to the executive team, remarked, "research, innovation and consistency with evidence-based practice are essential to our philosophy and approach going forward. We engaged IMG to design our mental skills program, they have delivered the training of trainers' programme and the trainers have already begun its roll out. We are currently in discussions with IMG to broaden the consultancy work across the scope of the high performance programme with the goal of programme delivery in the first half of 2016."

The cricket director went on to discuss what the high performance programme will entail. The methodology, he said, will be integrated and will look at a number of unique training disciplines to include physical and mental conditioning; leadership, life skills and, of course, technical cricket skills.


"The methodology is athlete-centred and coach-driven, ensuring that athletic training is both cricket-specific and tailored to individual needs. It will be supported and assisted by regional sport science, sport medicine experts and administrative staff. The methodology also incorporates the principles of personal growth and all-round development of the cricketer," added Pybus.

Pybus believes the roll-out of this high performance programme "is worthy of investment and should be looked at seriously if the team is to get back close or anywhere near to the top. It is what other regions across the world are doing and the West Indies should do no less."

To complement the programme, Chief Executive Officer Michael Muirhead said, "with the calendar set as it is with some clear breaks for international stars to participate overseas, there is still an opportunity to host special events in the region and the Americas."

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