Digicel Grand Prix prizes motivate St. Jago Girls


February 19, 2016
@Normal:St Jago's Kimone Shaw.
St Jago's girls' coach Keilando Goburn

The absence of a home field on which to train has been the motivation behind the outstanding performance of St. Jago High School Girls during the 2016 Digicel Grand Prix Athletics Championship.

The team from Monk Street, Spanish Town, were the top performers at the Camperdown Classic, the fourth meet in the Grand Prix Series at the National Stadium on Saturday February 13. They intend to continue their winning ways in an effort to use their prizes to improve their training grounds.

Team coach Keilando Goburn watched from the stands during the first day of Central Championships on Tuesday, as his team were competed against Grand Prix winners Edwin Allen. He said that they are prevailing despite challenges.

?Right now we are at a major disadvantage because we have not had a field to train on since August,? Goburn said.

The school?s field is being upgraded by the Sports Development Foundation.

?Right now we have to be doing some cutting and pasting in terms of our preparation. There are a lot of things that we would normally be doing at this time that we are unable to do now, so we are really on the back foot right now,? he said.

He said the will to perform was driving the team right now.

?We have no field to train on even the relays. Normally we would train three to four times per week, the baton exchange. Now we can hardly do one, we don?t have the space.

That?s a challenge but the girls are still motivated,? he said.

?We have a never say never mentality and that?s what we are working with right now,? he added.

Goburn said the team is hoping to redeem itself after being disqualified from last year?s Grand Prix after failing to compete at Central Championships which were held at Kirkvine, in Manchester while the G.C. Foster College track was out of commission. The team finished second to Edwin Allen at Central Championships.

?Edwin Allen has a very good team, they have a lot of depth but we are not here to roll over and play dead,? he said.

He added that the aim was to earn as much money as possible from the Grand Prix Series, including the top prize of $1 million in gym equipment to aid St Jago?s track and field programme.

?That?s definitely our plan; to try and get as much money as possible to aid with our preparation for the rest of the season,? said Goburn.

The finals of the Digicel Grand Prix Athletics Championship will be held at GC Foster Classics, tomorrow, at the GC Foster College.

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