Young comes out swinging

February 23, 2016
Paul Young Sr

Former Waterhouse coach Paul Young Sr has hit back at the club's fans who have bashed him for playing his son, Paul Jr, in the relegation-threatened Red Stripe Premier League team's line-up.

Young, whose son is a St George's College Manning Cup defender, parted company with the relegation-threatened club last Wednesday after failing to improve results at the Drewsland-based team. Waterhouse are at the bottom of the 12-team league.

"I have not seen my son play Manning Cup and I wanted to get closer to him. The last four, five years, I haven't seen him play competitively, so to kill two birds with one stone, I said, 'all right come and train and play with me.' But even when they were bashing him and cursing me to take off my son, we did not lose in the four games he played.

"He is a smart player. He is new to the Premier League and he's going to make mistakes, but he is growing and getting better," he argued.

He added that it would not be wise for his son to remain at the club since he is no longer there.

"It's a sticky, tough situation. He is very young, smart, but not mature as yet, and that will put him under added pressure. I am leaning towards him taking a break and (then) probably playing somewhere else," Young said.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse's veteran striker, Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson, who had a prickly relationship with Young Sr, said his focus now was getting the club out of the relegation zone.

"Every man do what they want to do and I couldn't do anything about it," he said in reference to Young's time at the club.

"But I have been putting in some hard work because I love Waterhouse and I don't want to see the team go nowhere down there (relegation)." Anderson told STAR Sports.

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