KSAFA Friday night football a big hit

April 29, 2016

The historic Friday Night football in the Charley's JB Rum/Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) has been getting tremendous support from football lovers in the Corporate Area.

President of KSAFA, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson is elated that the reception to the concept of playing his top competition under lights has been good and growing.

"It is growing in popularity as people are coming out to hang out and enjoy entertainment and football on a Friday night," Stephenson told STAR Sports.

"We (the organisers) and the sponsors are happy with what is happening on Friday nights. The supporters are coming out for their respective teams," he said.

"Originally, the clubs would not collect because of low turnout at games. We created better opportunity for our clubs to earn money.

"We have contributed 70 per cent of the total gate receipt to the clubs involved in these games, while the other 30 per cent is kept in an account for the clubs. The aim is to generate support. The night games are a new concept in KSAFA," he said.

TVJ cable network and KLAS/ESPN radio have been broadcasting the games from the semi-finals stage in the Super League and from the quarter-final stage in the Major League competitions.

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