World record potential

June 04, 2016

Two-time Olympic 110 metre hurdles finalist Maurice Wignall said Omar McLeod has the potential for great things, including the world record of 12.80 seconds.

Wignall, the 2006 Common-wealth champion, also believes that Hansle Parchment is slated for a repeat medal at the upcoming Olympic Games. However, he has issued a note of advice to McLeod regarding his improved sprint speed, and named defending Olympic champion Aries Merritt as a threat to the Jamaican duo.

"McLeod has the potential to really do great things, world record type things," said Wignall.

carried away

He doesn't want the 22-year-old McLeod to get carried away with his recent 100 metre personal best of 9.99 seconds which he described as excellent.

"I would advise at this point just not to go into a lot of 100s and not to get too carried away because it's one thing to be running fast, but it's another thing to be running long," he said.

According to Wignall, McLeod has to resist the temptation to lengthen his strides.

"Don't increase the stride length because the distance between the barriers doesn't change", he submitted.

"So if he's able to run fast, increase his frequency, I mean, the sky's the limit for the guy", he forecast.

He is hoping that McLeod "maintains his form and then get better" in July and August.

He predicted that Jamaica could win two Olympic medals in the 110 metre hurdles.

"We can be looking at two medals," he said, adding that the Jamaicans need to be cautious about Aries Merritt.

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