KC making plans for synthetic track

August 03, 2016
file Dave Myrie, principal of Kingston College

Plans for a synthetic running track at Kingston College's Melbourne Park campus are well advanced.

Kingston College's principal, Dave Myrie, although tight-lipped about the development, admitted the project was in the pipeline and that they have already secured 75% of the budget.

"We are looking at the possibility of putting out the track and we are talking to our fraternity, who are coming forward to support the initiative," he told STAR Sports.

"We want to get the preliminaries out of the way at this time and just make sure the neccesaries are in place with regard to funding and other issues," he said.

"We have a donor, who is KC-connected, who made an offer to support the initiative through a certain amount of dollars and we are to raise the other required sum," Myrie said.

The project is tentatively set to get under way in October and should be completed by January, and Myrie insists that it would be a major accomplishment for the school to own it's own track.

"It would be a massive thing because KC is one of the big track and field schools," he stated.

In January, Calabar High became the first local high school to have a synthetic track on their school grounds.

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