RSPL coaches look forward to new format


September 03, 2016
@Normal:Arnett Gardens FC head coach, Jerome Waite.
@Normal:Winner of the Red Stripe Premier League Coach of the Year award Marcel Gayle of UWI FC.<\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n><\n>

A few of the island's top clubs are looking forward to the new format, of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) which gets underway tomorrow.

The Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA), added two more teams to vie for the main title.

The play-off round will comprise the top six teams on points on the completion of rounds one to three. This round will comprise two-way quarter-finals and semi-finals and a one-way final to decide the champions.

The teams ranked third to sixth will participate in the two-way quarter-finals. The third ranked against the sixth ranked and fourth versus fifth. The quarter-final winners on aggregate will then play against the teams ranked first and second.

Orville Powell, president of champions Montego Bay United insisted that the new format should have been in place years ago.

"I have been saying it for a while. What we need is to get back interest in football.The straight league format does not create much excitement.

"Now, two more teams get chances in the knockout phase. It gives more clubs opportunity to make more money from home games. I love it, but it is too long in coming," Powell said.

Arnett Gardens FC's coach Jerome Waite also supported the new format.

"Well, it will be good for football. It opens the opportunity for two more teams to win the league. This will push other teams to perform well," Waite said.

Former PLCA general manager and long-serving Boys' Town FC coach, Andrew Price, is also fully behind the new format.

"I don't have a problem with the format as it will make the league more competitive," Price said.

"We have tried other systems. At the end of the day, we have to look at ways to make the league more competitive," Price, who is one of 12 PLCA directors added.

However, Marcel Gayle, head coach of the University of the West Indies FC is a staunch supporter of the league format.

"Looking at it from a business perspective it makes sense but as a coach it is mind-boggling for a team to work very hard to reach the top and don't win the main trophy," Gayle said.

- M.S.

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